Malaysia – The Latest Hot Spot In Health Tourism

Health tourism is a niche in the industry that is becoming more and more popular. People all over the world are beginning to realize that there are better locations to receive top level medical and dental treatment than the United States and England.

You would actually be amazed at the amount of travel sites there are that are dedicated to providing people with a ‘health’ vacation destination.

Malaysia is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for this type of travel and it is easy to understand when you realize how inexpensive it is to go to and the quality of medical care that you can receive. In fact, it is becoming so popular that almost 300,000 travelers a year make the journey to Malaysia for healthcare reasons.

The costs of medical and dental care in the United States have been rising for quite some time. With economic times being what they are, we are all looking for a way to beat the costs and getting your medical and dental treatments abroad is amazingly cheaper than it can be done at home.

Now when treatments are being discussed, we are not talking about a tooth pull or cleaning. This is more about getting something like a dental vaneer that can cost you as much as a $1,000 a tooth.

Why would you not travel abroad to have something like this done when the savings of one or two teeth will pay for your travel and accommodations and everything else is money in the bank!

When you are talking about a destination like Malaysia, it is an ideal spot to enjoy the advanced medical treatments that are available at a lower cost and also be treated to a marvelous travel destination. Malaysia is quickly being recognized for the quality of care that is available and is drawing worldwide attention for all of the health care treatments that are available and for the price that they are being offered at.

If you are considering any major medical or dental treatment and you are concerned with costs, you definitely need to put Malaysia on your short list of places to consider having your treatment done. This is something that you will have no problems in finding information on or difficulty in researching.

As we said, with the popularity of health tourism more and more information is available and a surprising amount of destinations are quickly becoming known as quality treatment centers.

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9 Ways to Cut Your Medical Expenses

The cost of health care continues to rise worldwide. Therefore, it is to your benefit to do as much as possible to keep your health care costs down. Below are ten suggestions.

1. Maintain a healthy diet: For so many people, unhealthy diets, along with unhealthy habits, result in unnecessary illnesses and increase health costs. It is imperative that you watch your diet and it is advisable to add appropriate vitamins to supplement your nutritional needs.

2. Check ups and screenings: One of the most effective ways to lower your medical expenses over time is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are several things you can do such as having a regular comprehensive checkup, where you can identify you healthy weight, unhealthy habits and get first hand information about your health. A thorough screening is the only way you can confirm on the condition of your health.

3. Choose the best health plan: If you have a plan through your employer, chances are that’s your means of coverage. However, if your spouse also has a plan, you might want to compare the two to determine which will save you money. Be careful because there’s more to selecting a good health plan than just saving money. If you are shopping for a health plan, compare the premiums along with what is and is not covered by the various plans.

4. Stay within the network: When you have a health care plan, look for doctors and health care providers that are within the insurance company’s network. This can save you a lot of money. However, if you need a specialist and you cannot find one in the network, put your health needs first.

5. Save money on prescription drugs: Prescription drug plans, online pharmacies, discount pharmacies, Medicare drug cards and even ordering by mail through traditional pharmacies can save you money on medications. There are several ways to obtain the prescribed medication you need, so shop around and compare prices. (more…)