mepicThis website is owned by Jane Ng, a professional distributor agent of MJLife health screening services.

Having been through a brain tumor surgery and being a health victim herself, now living with permanent facial paralysis, Jane realized that the world has indeed misunderstood on the word ‘prevention’.

Jane first got started with this website as a mean to share with her families and friends living abroad about MJ Life Health Screening services. The online registration is set up so that they can sign up online and can plan their schedule accordingly when they come back.

Now MJLifeScreening.com has expanded to serve more than just her families and friends.

Using her health experience as a story to touch other’s lives, Jane’s passion is now dedicated full time to educating, helping and servicing the community to help them understand what is true preventive healthcare.

Jane’s customer comes from all over the world – from Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Holland, UK and not forgetting Malaysia!

If you are looking for a top notch health screening service, and would like Jane to serve you, please contact her at 019-3113055.  Her service has been known to touch lives!

The purpose of this website is to serve as a convenient point for people to sign up their health membership online locally or even when they are out of the country. Many of Jane’s customer actually found this most helpful as they are able to sign up easily. Location is no longer a problem! As an experienced internet marketer, Jane uses website tools to communicate with her customer abroad and without the need for them to be available physically to sign up. Her most memorable experience is getting to know her Malaysian customers working abroad in China and Saudi Arabia!

NOTE: This is not MJLife official website. If you are already an MJ member or interested to be one, but has an agent, do get in touch with your agent. Your agent have the responsibilities to serve you to their best.

However, if you feel that your agent has not been performing their best and would like to make a new purchase or if you would like to learn more about MJ and health prevention management and have no one to get in touch with, please feel free to contact Jane at 019-3113055.

By registering and signing up as a member from this site, you will automatically be engaging Jenny as your agent.